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Blueline Designs is a sole proprietorship (DBA) company engaged in the business of providing building construction related design and drafting services to the public. We normally operate in Simi Valley, CA and surrounding communities, generally within a radius of approximately 50 miles, but can do CAD drafting work over the Internet from any distance. We have a great working relationship with the local building departments and work hand in hand with qualified and licensed local engineers and contractors to form a competent and dynamic team that puts your needs and interests at the top.

A Little History

I have always had a strong interest in technical drawings, including architecture, even back in my early school days. I began college in 1973 with courses in mechanical engineering with an eye on a career in automotive design. Eventually I arrived in the field of civil drafting and design working for a civil engineer/contractor in the early 80's. From there I expanded my interest in architecture and eventually pursued additional courses in architecture at Pierce College. I began my own business in February 1984 (under another business name at the time) after I realized I needed more control over style and quality than I could have working for someone else. To this end I studied the current industry standards for areas where they could be improved and made every effort to improve them in my own work, while also soliciting suggestions for improvements from building officials and contractors along the way. In 1989 the business name was changed to Blueline* Designs. In the early 1990's, shortly after the name change, I transitioned from hand drafting methods to Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and have made every effort over the years since to update and improve my style and quality. Shortly thereafter I obtained my professional Building Designer** certification through NCBDC***. I have worked with local engineers and a number of local contractors for many years. As such most of my work for years has come from contractor and client referrals. I have experience in residential, commercial and insurance restoration work as well as civil and 3D CAD drafting. I also have years of experience with preparing California Title-24 energy calculations using the latest California State approved software.

*A "blueline", which uses the Diazo Printing process, is a more accurate term for what most people commonly call "blueprints", that is, the physical plans you can touch and hold. Technically, a "blueprint" has a blue background with white lines while a "blueline" has a white background with blue lines (see example above). With today's computers and large format digital printers the old "blueline" process itself, that is, the making of these physical prints, is largely outdated. As a result most finished construction drawings today, including ours, are produced on high-tech computers and printed with black ink on white paper. We do, however, have the ability to mimic the "look" of these old prints with our large format color printers.

**What is a "Building Designer"?

***What is "NCBDC"?

Custom Additions and Decks...    & Custom Mountain Cabins...    just two examples.

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